“This is an incredible and unique program especially for children in PEI!  My son absolutely loved participating and being outdoors physically active rain or shine in the woods all week!! He came back calm and confident and very happy. Thank you for making this possible. I highly recommend the organization Wild Child and the partnerships it has developed in our community.” -Parent

“The Wild Child Summer Camp put on by the PEI Sierra Club was amazing. It gave my child the opportunity to learn a great deal about the forest ecosystem and to be very active throughout the day. She absolutely loved it and asked if she could stay in the camp for the full summer. She will definitely join the camp again next year!” -Parent

“The PEI Wild Child Forest School Program is an excellent program that I believe should continue on a year round basis.  This program opens up a different world of opportunity of physical literacy for a wide rage of age groups. My child has enjoyed this program more than hockey and baseball. The skill set and physical activity of the PEI Wild Child Forest School offers something more unique than he has experienced with hockey and baseball.” -Parent

“Through the Wild Child Forest School program our children do quite a variety of physical activities. We also find this program valuable because they are integrating other parts of their mind/body while doing the activity such as learning about nature risk assessment and building communication and relationship skills in a group.” -paren

“Wild child is an amazing program with amazing teachers. My son learned so much from them as well as the other kids. He’s more confident playing on his own making new friends and navigating/playing in the wilderness. He loved being outside all day connecting with the natural world and learning practical hands on skills as well as the freedom to explore ask lots of questions and just play is what’s so special about this program.” -Parent