Sponsor a child to go to Forest and Nature Camp in PEI!


The PEI Wild Child Forest Camp is a program that gives children the opportunity to play and explore nature. The camp takes place entirely outside, rain or shine, and increases the child’s comfort with the natural world. The program is run through Sierra Club Canada Foundation, and operates as a social enterprise model, so all proceeds made by the PEI Forest School will go towards running a free Nature Immersion program that takes kids in daycare centres across PEI outside throughout the year.


Sponsor a child to go to camp!

To run the PEI Wild Child Forest Camp program, a one-week camp costs $180 per child. This makes the program inaccessible to many families that are unable to afford this cost. We are asking you to help create free and subsidized spots for children that would otherwise be unable to attend this camp!

Any donation you are able to give would go directly toward subsidizing and providing free spots to children to participate in the Wild Child Forest Camp program.

Sponsorship levels:

Level Contribution Cost Acknowledgements
Bronze Contribute to subsidizing One Child $30 Donation advertised on social media.
Silver Subsidize One Child $90 Donation advertised on social media and website.
Gold Sponsor One Child $180 Company or business logo or name displayed on social media and on website.
Platinum Sponsor Two Children $360 Company or business logo or name displayed on social media and on website.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation is a registered charity and will provide tax receipts for donations. Contact Hannah Gehrels (902-940-2263, or peiwildchild@sierraclub.ca) for more information or to make a donation.


Request a Subsidy

If you would like to request a subsidy or free spot for your child, please fill out this short form!

We apologize that we are unable to accommodate every request, and we are doing the best that we can to raise money to make this program more accessible to everyone!




Bronze: Jennifer Whittaker, Moksha Yoga


Gold: Forever Healthy, Tony Reddin, Sixtine O’Haley

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Platinum: Provincial Credit Union