Day 1 – July 31, 2017

We started our first day of “Summer days week 5” by getting to know one another, going over some of some of the basic rules of Forest school, we also discussed how we can take care of ourselves, our friends and of Mother Nature, and we also did some exploring of our campsite. We then had a special guest come in, Jamie Stride and his son Ben, from Island Falconry Services came by for a visit and they brought some birds of prey along with them, A Falcon and a Hawk. It was such an amazing time, we learned all sorts of interesting facts about these beautiful creatures. We even had a chance to hold a Falcon, while wearing a special glove to protect us from their sharp claws.  What an awesome day!


Day.2 – Aug.1,2017

On day 2, we met up with all of our friends and headed into the forest. We had a very busy day. We did some leaf printing in clay, built a fort out of big sticks we had found on the ground. We explored the forest, and found an awesome climbing tree, and a cool lookout spot. We went bug hunting and found some very interesting bugs, we also stumbled upon some delicious wild Blueberries. We even had a chance to try out the Slack line, which is great fun to balance and do tricks on.


Day.3 – August.2, 2017

Onto Day 3, In the forest we go, upon arriving, we noticed something new. it was a mailbox outside of the Gnomes house, and inside was a letter written for us from the Gnomes. It was a very nice letter, telling us a little about them and they wanted to know a little about us, they asked if we could keep sending mail back and forth, like penpals. So we set out to write some letters and do some drawings for them. Later on in the morning, we were introduced to some tools, a knife to whittle sticks with, and a saw to cut wood. Of course we went over some rules before we began, because these tools can be very dangerous if we don’t use them properly. We have a safety zone that we went over called “The Blood bubble”. This zone is determined by extending your arm and hand away from your body and then spinning around to make a circle around you. This circle is the “Blood bubble” and you have to make sure there is no one in your bubble while using these tools. We started making some really cool things, A bow and arrow, spears, and a heart was carved out of a wooden block. During lunch we went over some different birds and their calls, a Chickadee, A barred owl, A great horned owl, a robin and a few others. In the afternoon after rest time in the Hammocks, We played a Bird matching game, we were each handed a card with one bird on it, it was either a Momma bird or a baby bird, we had to spread out in the woods and start yelling out the bird call that was on our card and find our friend who had our matching call. It was great fun!

Day 4, August 3, 2017

We went on a Huge adventure on Day 4, and found many exciting things along the way. We walked along a really nice trail, and saw some giant trees, even bigger then the ones in our base camp, saw some bugs and alot of friendly squirrels, we walked along a shore and found crabs, pretty stones, and other types of shells. After our big adventure, we went back to our home base, ate a delicious lunch, read a story (that was given to us from Sammy the Squirrel), and then had rest time in the hammocks. In the afternoon, we decided we wanted to work some more with the tools, as some of us didn’t get a chance to finish our bows and arrows the day before.

Day 5, August 4, 2017

We ended the week with A mud day. We started by making our own mud and then we began to paint ourselves and each other, which then turned into a full on mud fight, Mud was flying from every direction, what a mess, we all got completely all over Muddy!!  It was so much fun!




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