You must all be thinking what could a school in the outdoors look like, so we thought we’d show you in this blog!

Copy of IMG_0351

To start off we have our “home base” which consists of a mosquito tent, and a backpack rack where our things all hang up.


We have some climbing structures, like a lookout platform, a hanging bar, and a ladder!


We often set up things like a slackline to practice our balancing!


When we go adventuring further in the forest, we usually go to visit the Climbing Tree!


At forest school, quiet/nap time means that everyone gets their own hammock! What a nice way to relax in the forest!


We have a snow-fed stream and pond, however both of these dry in the late summer. But there are still bridges that are fun the balance on and learn how to cross!


Some of the tools and skills that we may teach (depending on the age and skill of the kids), including sawing, knots, and hammering!


And of course, we build forts!



We hope you get out to a forest soon!



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