Day one – July 4th 2017
We were so excited to meet our 4-5 year olds at our beautiful forest school location at Bomber Callaghan Park.
We started off our day by all sitting in a circle and watching the magic rope unravel, we then learned each others names and talked about our favorite animals. Hannah was then feeling awfully hungry so she opened up her bag to find what the kids thought were chocolate chip cookies… To everyone’s surprise they were tree cookies! The pieces of trees showed us some symbols that helped us learn how to treat others, mother nature and take care of ourselves. On our first day we learned to take care of mother Nature and take care of each other.
We then entered the forest to find the guardian of the forest who told us we needed to find a ticket to enter forest school.  A green ticket the guardian told us! We all looked around to find a green ticket around the ground. Once we all got past the gaurdien we put our backpacks on the backpack rack and went to the tent to share all the exciting things we could do in the forest.

We then heard about a stream we could go to and collect water. We headed over to the stream with our buckets and found out that the stream was very stinky, but we still enjoyed getting water! While searching in the stream, we found a little baby salamander that they put in the bucket of water to show all of our friends. It was so neat! It was around this point where we realized that there is quite a lot of mosquitos that live in the forest, so some of us went to the safety of the mosquito tent to build some things with clay, and then have morning snack.

After morning snack we discovered some tree branches that we could make into a fort we spent so much time building and putting together a fort. It was so much Fun! Those who didn’t want to help with the fort were busy making some very muddy soup for us all.  Some of us were using a wooden spoon that we found to mix in lots of dirt, leaves and branches to make some pretty smelly mud soup. We then all joined together to have lunch.


After lunch we fed our friend Sammy the squirrel some seeds and then hunted to see if he left us a present. He did! It was a Book called BlackFlies by Robert Munsch. We all sat together to read and then had quite times in our hammocks. The bugs were pretty nasty during quite time so some of our friends had to joins in the tent for a little rest.
When we woke up from our hour rest we built more ont o the fort and then had second snack time. We then drew our favorite part of our day and shared before we had to pack up and leave the forest for the day!

Day Two

On day two, we met our friends and head into the forest with a very big day ahead of us.  As we got into the forest some children expressed interest in going on an adventure. So we thought why don’t we start our day exploring this forest. So off we went, we found lots of cool bugs, plants and fungi. Then we came to what was the highlight of many children’s forest school. The climbing tree. We found  a huge tree that was study enough for the kids to climb. All of them climbed super high, while others helped Hannah Search for bugs in the forest. We spent a good part of our morning adventuring up the tall tree. By the time we were back it was already time for snack.

After snack time we found aome clay that Deanna had brought from us from the beach. It was some good red island clay. We got our hands all Dirty and made some faces on the trees using sticks, leaves and of course the clay. We made so many cool faces, shapes and even a boobie trap! It Was then time to clean our very dirty hands, and get ready for lunch.


After lunch and Feeding Sammy the Squirl we read our present book, and got all cozy in either the hammocks or tent and settled down for our hour of rest time.
When rest time was over we played with some more mud, makin more soup and playing in the fort as well! It was then time for second snack and time o leave the forest for another day.

Summer Days one Day 4 – July 6 2017
On day four when we entered the forest, we found something very interesting. We found  a ladder up build up in one of our trees. We spent our morning climbing the ladder, making stinky muddy soup and Hannah had set up a slack-lining (a rope tied between two trees to try to balance across). We had so much fun hanging around our site with lots to do. After snack time, we all wanted to adventure to the tree again So off we went to climb the huge tree again.

When we returned it was already Lunch time, the days go by so quickly when you are having so much fun! During our Lunch time, Hannah showed us some bird calls that we all got to practice together. We even got an answer from a chickadee! After we ate our lunch, we fed our good friend Sammy, searched for his present, read the book and settled into the hammocks and tents for quite time.

When Quite time was over, we found out that there were some buoys up in the trees. We wondered what we could do with them… Paint them! We painted the buoys many different colors and designs and then it was time for snack, and time to pack up for another day in forest school!

Summer Days One- day three- July 6 2017
On our last Day of forest school, We were very sad to know it was our last time seeing our friends. But, we had such a fun day ahead of us we forget all about our sadness.
When we made it into the forest today, we found so many new things up around to play with, there was a new lookout spot, high up in the trees. As well as a new summersault bar made from a log and some string. We played with our new found things all morning long! It was then time for morning snack. After snack we decided we should go to the climbing tree one last time before our week was over. So off we went. we climbed for a while and then made it back just in time for lunch. Before we had our lunch we had some requests to paint, so we decided lets forest school paint and we got some brushes, some water and some mud and decided to have fun painting our faces, we definitely got a little bit muddy. (leaders included!!) There were some tigers, warriors and very muddy kittens!

We then Cleaned up, ate our lunch and fed Sammy the squirrel one last time before we settled in for rest time.
After our rest time we played a game of hide and seek whistle, which was a blast!
But, Before we knew it was time for second snack and then time to head home on our last fay of forest school. As we were packing up all of the children received tree cookie medals of accomplishment because it isn’t easy spending all days in the forest with the bugs and having to use the washroom in the woods. There were many firsts for some people! We were so proud of everyone and so happy we got to meet and share the week with all of you!
We Will miss all of you!
Keep Adventuring!🍄🌎


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