This week we were so excited to meet our 6-9 year olds at the location of Bomber Callaghen Park!sign


Day one- July 10, 2017

We started off our morning with meeting all of our new friends, we introduced ourselves while also telling our favorite animal and had such a fun time getting to know each other. We then made our journey into the forest, meeting the guardian of the forest. Once we had hung our backpacks up on the rack, and settled into the tent we had some expoloring to do of our area. We found lots of things to play with such as the ladder, a lookout space and a summersault bar!

We then decided to take our new friends to our favorite place…the climbing tree! We headed out on our adventure finding lots of cool things. When we started walking we found a Sa,amander Egg mass! ( sac full of salamander eggs). We also had to walk across a spooky bridge to make it over to the other side of the stream. Along our walk we found lots of neat bugs and even a tree shaped like a chair to sit in! While some expolored the climbing tree, others looked for bugs. It was  great morning had by all!


By the time we got back it was pretty near lunch time. So we washed our hands got ready and settled down for lunch. After lunch, it was time to feed our friend Sammy the squirll, and see if he left us a present.We had a large group of detectives this wee who loved looking for presents from sammmy! We found that it was a neat book. After we had read it, it was time to settle down into our hammocks for quite time. There was lots of reading and thinking done during quite time .

After we gained back all our energy we thought it would be a good time to create our nature journals. We took paper and cardstock and formed a little book, we then used a hammer and nail to create holes to string through to hold our book together.

We wrote in our journals, coulored and shared our favorite parts of the day.

We then had our snack and played a little more before it was time to call it a day and head out of the forest.

Day Two- July 11,2017

On day two we met all of our friends and then headed into the forest. Greeted by the gaurdien of the forest we had to find a different ticket to hand in. Todays was something beautiful. We all found something we thought was beautiful and then shared what we thought with each other.

Once we had entered the forest we found something new. We heard about some gnomes that were trying to rebuilf there home, what a great thing for us to help with! So we  wrote letters, made beds, pools, chairs really anything we thought the gnomes would need, we then wrote them letters asking questions and telling them about ourselves.

We waited very patiently for our response and hoped the gnomes would get back to us tomorrow. We then had snack and contuined our morning.

We thought we should give the cimbing tree another go, so we headed out farther into the forest to find our way to the tree.


It was then already time for lunch when we had finished, so we washed our hands and headed into the tent to enjoy our lunch. After lunch we fed Sammy the squirl and looked to see if he had left anything for us! Turns out he did. He had left us a book to read. So we read it, and then settled in for quite time.

We then spent some time playing a game where all the children got magnifying glasses and paint chips and had to try to find something that matched the coulor of the paint chips!

It was then already time for snack so we cleaned our hands and headed in to eat our snack and write about our days in our Nature journals.

It was then time to pack up and leave the forest for another day!


Day Three – July 12

When we met our friends today we were all SO excited to see if the gnomes had wrote back to us, so we went into the forest very quickly and as soon as we hung up our backpacks we ran directly to the gnome house. We couldn’t belive it we actually recived a response!!IMG_6685

They had shared so many facts about themselves  and answered all of our questions! We couldn’t believe it! They then asked us to share our favorite insects with them, so we drew so many pictures and we had even more questions to ask them. So we spent time thinking and discovering more questions about them!

We then had a group of children who were really into jousting. They had all different levels and came up with all different places to joust over and they taught each other how and what to go over. The kids each found a stick to use to joust over whatever they could find! We also had time to learn how to use a saw and made some tree cookies that we could draw and make designs on!

We then had time for bathrooms, handwashing and lunch. After lunch we did our usual feed Sammy, and look for a story from him! We then read it, and settled in for quite time.

In the afternoon we spent more time couloring our tree cookies and then filling out nature journals ate second snack and it was home time already!

Day Four- July 13 2017

On day four, we were very excited to meet one another at the location. We gathered together to talk about what we would like to do that day. We decided on expoliring, and just playing around the site.

We had so much panned to do so we headed into the forest to start our day! As soon as we arrived into the forest, we saw that things were changed aroud the gnome house. Could they have replied? To our surprise there was another letter from them!IMG_6721

We were beyond excited that they had sent us another letter! How lucky we are.  We spent some time in the morning writing to the gnomes and asking if there was anything else they wanted us to build them and just asking them more questions that all the wondrous children had to ask! We then set time just hanging around the site, playing with insects, making seesaws and building onto our Add to dictionary fort.

We then played the paint chip game again and went on a very fun adventure! We headed into the deep part of the forest finding lots of plants, insects and animals homes

We then headed back for lunch and enjoyed our quite time before getting prepared for the afternoon activities!

We spent time writing in our nature journals, and couloring before we had second snaxk and had to head out of the forest for another day!


Day 5- July 14, 2017

Meeting our friends this morning was bittersweet, we really were excited to see all of them but we were sad that it was our last day together. We met and all shared one thing we REALLY wanted to do today. There was everything from writing in our jounals to adventuring one last time.

We started off our morning with making some mud, getting our faces and hands all dirty. We also painted some trees with mud as well!


After we got al dirty we decided to go adventure to a new place of the forest. Us as leaders have never been through this side of the forest so it was an adventure for all of us! We found lots of birds flowers and slugs that were all very interesting! We collect some flowers for an activity for later in the day!


In the afternoon we had so much fun making flutes out of japaneese knot wood! We all took turns using knives with a leader and cutting the plant to make flutes! We also did some fun flower pressing onto bookmarks.

Since it was our last day at Forest school we all got medals awarding us for our great time and how great all the children were.

We were so proud of everyone this week and we hope you have a great rest of your summer.

Keep Adventuringggroup photo





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