Session 1: May 9th

We were so excited to meet everyone for the first day of Forest School,  but it sure was a cold and rainy way to start!

We started by silently walking around our new forest school site, and each picking out our favourite tree. We are going to watch to see how our favourite tree changes over the next seven weeks of spring Forest Camp! Then, because it was raining, we took shelter under our tarp and began to make our very own nature journals using a hammer and nails to make the holes, and string to bind the book!

Not everyone was dressed warm and waterproof enough for the rain, so we tried a few running around games to warm everyone up, but ended up deciding to go inside for last part of the day to draw in our nature journals. When we got inside, it looked like everyone had gone swimming! But noone seemed to mind too much!

Session 2: May 16th

After eating our snack, we gave everyone magnifying glasses and went for an adventure nature walk to see what cool things we could find, and we weren’t dissapointed! We found some really neat trees with beautiful colours, and we found a bird’s nest!

We were so excited about the nests, that we decided to try making our own nests out of long grass and put them in different trees. Maybe the birds will use them?

Then Marianne taught us how to identify dandelion leaves, and Hannah made use some dandelion tea to w arm us up! It was really good!

We finished the day by visiting our favourite tree, and drawing it in our nature journals, they were already different from last week!

STA_2_May16 (35)

Session 3: May 23

Today was another rainy Tuesday at Wild Child Forest Camp, but that meant that today was SLUG and SNAIL day! They were everywhere!! Everyone really liked the snails, but thought the slugs were too gross to pick up, so Hannah and Marianne did most of the slug picking 🙂

We decided to try to make our own slugs and snails out of clay, back under the tarp where it was drier.

While we were making clay, the slugs and snails kept crawling out of  their containers! We made sure to put them all back into nature before heading home for the day.

Session 4: May 30

Today was the first warm and sunny Tuesday since we started the Spring Wild Child Forest Camps, and this meant that the dandelions were blooming! We quickly named today’s session: DANDELION DAY!

We made dandelion chains to make crowns and bracelets, which was a lot more challenging than we thought, but so much fun 🙂

Then we became geographers, and explored our Forest School area and created a map while we walked around, marking important areas and special landmarks so we could remember. Right at the end of our exploring adventure, we found Dandelion Mountain! But you have to know the password if you want to join us on Dandelion Mountain 😉

Then we went back to homebase to copy our maps into our nature journals, and draw some pictures. We realized that we didn’t really need markers today, because we started using dandelion flowers and leaves to colour yellow and green in our nature journals. So neat!

We finished the day by teaching a few bird calls (chick-a-dee-dee-dee, cheeeeese-burger!), and playing hide and seek, and starting to build a fort!

Session 5: June 6

Today was a fort building day! We wanted to make the small fort that we started last week, and make it big enough to fit all of us! So we set off in search of dead sticks that we could use, and we soon enough all settled into our new home.

While finding the sticks, we also found a whole lot of slugs and snails as well as an awesome caterpillar, so we wanted to try making them out of clay again, so see if we could do it better than we did the last time.

Session 6: June 13

Today’s session started off with a surprise thunderstorm and DOWNPOUR! We quickly set up the tarp just in time for the rain, which was so heavy, but didn’t last very long. So our day quickly turned into a FLOWER DAY.

STA_6_June13 (23)

We went out to collect more sticks for our fort, and found so many pretty flowers which we made into bouquets.

Marianne even taught us about the bird flower (Cow Vetch) which looks like tiny birds!

We wrote and drew pictures in our nature journals, and then started making leaf printings, which were so beautiful!

Session 7: June 20-Last Session!

We planned a special treasure hunt a surprise for this last day of Wild Child, and everyone had a blast! Before reading each clue, the girls had to do different tasks, like collect snails for Hannah, or flowers for Marianne.

The next clue required us to use a compass and walk 50 steps South! It was fun learning to use the compass, and we quickly found the next clue, which lead us back to homebase to make fortune tellers which one of the girls brought as a present for everyone.

Once we finished that craft, we could read the next clue, which lead us to Dandelion Mountain! LET’S GO! RUN!

This clue led us back to the fort, where we had to make a nest out of grass to read our final clue.

The final clue led us to the surprise: a real bird’s nest, lupine flowers, and Forest School graduation medallions!

STA_7_June 20 (88)

Group graduation picture!

STA_7_June 20 (69)

Then we drew and wrote in our nature journals for the last time, had some hot cocoa, and said goodbye.

One girl wrote in her nature journal: “Today is the last day of Wild Child Forest School, I will miss everyone for sure. I am really sad that Forest School is ending. Every Tuesday was my favourite day in the whole week. I would like to go to Forest School even on vacation! We learnt about flowers, leaves, trees, snails, daisies, buttercups, birds, and fun things. I’m so glad to have Marrianne and Hannah as my teachers. I love nature, and I love Wild Child.”

We will miss you all!



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